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Dandelion Clocks

            “I was told you died”

            “Well, whoever told you was mistaken,” the woman spoke calmly behind her veil.

            He could hear the masked fear behind her calm voice. Her heart was beating quicker than the wings of a butterfly.

            “All the better for me then,” he replied with a smirk, “I get the satisfaction of snapping your neck with my own hands”

            She drew her breath back, but she didn’t say a single word. She stayed still as a statue, only her quick heartbeats betraying her fear.

            The silence seemed to stretch on forever, the both of them standing still, unwillingly to make the first move. Him in his darkness and his anger and her behind her mask of red lips and regret.

            “I deserve it,” she murmured, “I betrayed you in the worst way, and I’ve been living in regret every day since then,” she hesitated before continuing, “But please, could I…” she walked closer to him reaching forward.

            He stepped back and she dropped her hand. She removed her veil and placed it on the floor next to her. She lifted her eyes to meet his. His eyes were as dark as his pain and she felt a tear slip involuntarily down her cheek. Within seconds he was beside her. His hand was gentle as he wiped away her tear and she closed her eyes, ready for death. But the snap never came. In a breath of air he whispered her final gift to her.




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    “I was told you died” “Well, whoever told you was mistaken,” the woman spoke calmly behind her veil. He could hear the...
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